The History of New Idria

The discovery of the mine in 1854 sparked the development of the town of New Idria, and other nearby communities, such as Cantua, Panoche, Picacho and Hernandez. Even though the area was then a remote and difficult part of California, the region's population continued to grow. By 1880, more than 3,000 people lived in and around New Idria. This population included miners, shopkeepers, families, a church, a school, a post office, and a doctor. The countryside surrounding the town and mining operation was, for the most part, ranching land with several smaller, independently owned mines operating as well.

Panoramic View of New Idria Mine, Plant, and Town. ca 1915 ~ Photograph from Quicksilver Resources of California, Bulletin No. 78, May 1918.

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